Jelte Harnmeijer




Jelte grew up in sub-Saharan Africa, and lived and worked in Australia, Greenland, the Himalayas and the Pacific Northwest before moving to Scotland. He is a systems thinker and practitioner who strongly believes in integrating research with implementation. In this spirit, Jelte specialises in distributed low-carbon energy solutions.

Jelte is a Founding Partner at Scene Consulting (, an employee-owned international consultancy that assists non-specialists in meeting their renewable energy development objectives. Jelte is also the T. B. Macaulay Renewables Fellow at the James Hutton Institute, where he focuses on how community renewables can help address pressing challenges such as food and fuel poverty, inequality, and global climate destabilisation. He holds concurrent fellowships in Carbon Economics and Carbon Finance at the University of Edinburgh, through the Schools of Economics, Business and Geosciences.

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Nov 29th 2016

Could a cooperative market economy, in which firms are owned and controlled by their workers, be a viable and efficient alternative to capitalism? Most Western societies are proud of being political democracies, but democracy rarely operates within the firm. Democratic governments, in principle, can be criticised freely and are answerable to those they seek to govern. By contrast, managers are not, in general, answerable to those they seek to manage, and the mildest criticism can be dangerous.

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