Gourav Shah

Gourav comes with more than 15 years worth of experience building, managing and automating systems at scale. After turning his passing for open source into a profession, and heading IT operations for a startup that is now part of Adobe, he started Initcron in 2012, a niche DevOps consulting firm. As a DevOps Consultant, he has helped organizations of all sizes to design and implement DevOps practices, including cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Code, CI/CD and containers.
As a DevOps educator, Gourav has conducted hundreds of corporate workshops at many world class organizations in India and abroad, including Adobe, Visa, Walmart Labs, Cisco, Mercedes, Dreamworks, Intuit, RBS, Accenture, Oracle, and so on. He has authored over 15 self-paced video courses on DevOps topics, with over 40k students from around the world enrolled in them.

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Introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (edX)

Self Paced
Introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (edX)
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Learn how to start transforming your organization using the principles and practices of DevOps. As Agile practices started revolutionizing software development, there has been an increasing need to bridge the gap between faster development vs. slower deployment and operational practices. With its modern principles, practices and an array of [...]