Gerhard Müller

Gerhard Müller is Professor and head of the Chair of Structural Mechanics at Technical University Munich (TUM). He represents structural dynamics and acoustics in teaching and research with a focus on wave propagation, room and building acoustics, and numerical simulation of vibroacoustic problems for problems in civil and mechanical engineering. Prior to his career at TUM, he was head of an engineering company that focused on all aspects of sound, vibration, and air pollution control. Dr. Müller is President of the European Association for Structural Dynamics (EASD). Since 2014, he has been Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at TUM.

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Applications in Communication Acoustics (edX)

Explore the different system components involved in acoustic communication using a representative set of practical applications. This engineering course is the continuation of the edX course, “Fundamentals of Communication Acoustics.” Communication acoustics is defined as the way sounds travels from a source, through a channel and finally to a [...]
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Fundamentals of Communication Acoustics (edX)

In this course, we will cover the fundamentals of communication acoustics, which is the way sounds travel from a source through a channel to a receiver. We will also look at different system components involved in acoustic communication.
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Communication Acoustics (edX)

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Communication Acoustics (edX)
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Learn about the various ways we hear and perceive sound and how to improve technology and products for better communication. Communication acoustics include all branches of acoustics dealing with communication systems between humans, between humans and machines, and between machines (e.g. speech acoustics, electro acoustics, audio technology). The open [...]
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