Geoge Khut

Dr George Poonkhin Khut is an artist and interaction-designer working across the fields of electronic art, design and health. In 2012 he was the the National New Media Art Award, at the Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) for his heart rate controlled artwork "Distillery: Waveforming" - a prototype iPad app developed during a residency at the Children's Hospital at Westmead, Kids Rehab, supported by the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

George's body-focussed interactive and participatory artworks use biofeedback technologies to re-frame experiences of embodiment, health and subjectivity. Recent group exhibitions include "CUSP: Design into the Next Decade", curated by Object Gallery (Australian Design Centre); "Sensory Overload" at the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery; "Synapse: A Selection" at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, "Wonderland: Contemporary Art from Australia" at the Museum of Contemporary Taipei, "Sensorium Gymnasium" event at Performance Space (2009) with the Thinking Through The Body research group, and "Inbetween Time" (2006) at Arnolfini, UK.

Research interests include tangible and embodied interaction, participatory art, and experimental art & interaction design in health and medicine.

In addition to presenting his works in galleries and museums, George has been developing new audiences for interactive and participatory art with exhibitions and research projects in hospitals, starting with "The Heart Library Project" at St. Vincent’s Public Hospital in 2009, and more recently with the "BrightHearts" research project - a collaboration with Dr Angie Morrow, Staff Specialist in Brain Injury at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Kids Rehab, that is evaluating the efficacy of his interactive artworks as tools for helping to reduce the pain and anxiety experienced by children during painful and anxiety-provoking procedures.
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