Frederik Siem

Frederik Siem has worked for the Norwegian Red Cross (NorCross) as the Senior Adviser for Health Care in Danger since 2014. He has been particularly involved in the work to safeguard the operations of ambulance and prehospital services in risk situations, as well as supporting National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in their work to safeguard health care services.
His previous experience includes working as a Detention Delegate for the ICRC and as Country Manager for NorCross, the Swedish Red Cross and German Red Cross in Lebanon and in Iraq. He also worked for a non-governmental organisation in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as a Logistic Manager and Security and Liaison Officer respectively.
He studied Anthropology and Religion at the School of Oriental and African Studies and completed his Masters in Conflict Resolution at Georgetown University.

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Violence Against Healthcare (Coursera)

Apr 22nd 2024
Violence Against Healthcare (Coursera)
Course Auditing
At the global level, there are many countries marked by violence affecting health care. The 'Health care in danger' project aims to establish practical measures and recommendations that can be implemented on the ground by policy-makers, humanitarian organizations and health professionals. In view of the multiplicity of actors and [...]