Filippo Cichocki




Filippo Cichocki is a PhD student at the Aerospace Department of UC3M. He graduated in aerospace engineering (bachelor) and space engineering (master of science) at the University of Rome, Italy, respectively in 2006 and 2009. His PhD thesis topic is the study of the plasma plume expansion from an electric thruster into vacuum and he has also been involved in the teaching of several laboratory lectures of the UC3M master courses “Astrodynamics and Atmospheric Flight” and “Space Systems Design.”

Before joining UC3M, he worked for Elecnor Deimos-Space from 2009 to 2013 as a junior project engineer in the field of mission analysis and navigation. As such, he participated in several european space projects, such as Exomars, RAAS (Robust and Autonomous Aerobraking Strategies), MARCOPOLO-R and NEOSHIELD.

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