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Prof. Ernst ten Heuvelhof is professor of Public Administration at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, TU Delft, and at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is the scientific co-director and co-founder of the foundation Next Generation Infrastructures.

The philosophy behind all his research is that it should be both recognizable and useful to practitioners. He empathizes with practitioners, taking their problems and dilemmas as the point of departure for his publications.

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Nov 1st 2016

Explore the challenges and complexity of both global and local infrastructure (IT/Telecom, Energy, Water and Transportation) and how to make the best decisions to improve it. We increasingly depend on reliable and affordable supply of energy, water, transport, telecommunication and information services to improve livability and facilitate economic development. However, today's infrastructure systems are drastically changing. They are becoming more and more web-based, interconnected and transnational, with increasingly fragmented public and private ownership, while new technologies are on their way.

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