Darren West

Darren West is the business development director for solutions developed as part of the Circular Economy program at SAP. He is a specialist in the fields of agriculture and consumer goods. Darren is leading pilots in Ghana, Vietnam, and Indonesia with the World Economic Forum, national and regional governments, NGOs, and major brands, to help tackle plastic pollution and help improve the lives of collectors. He is expanding SAP’s circular economy portfolio to include multi-materials. His focus includes supply chain traceability and social impact.

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Helping Business Thrive in a Circular Economy (openSAP)

Oct 4th 2021
Helping Business Thrive in a Circular Economy (openSAP)
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Join this free online course to learn about the advantages of an inclusive circular economy. Discover how a circular economy can help us tackle the impact the linear economy is having on the planet, people, and modern businesses.
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