Daksha Patel

Dr Daksha Patel is an Ophthalmologist by training and has worked in a range of clinical settings in East Africa. She joined LSHTM in 2002 as the Course Director for MSc in Public health for eye care, when the course tranferred from the Institute of Ophthalmology as part of the International Centre for Eye Health. This unique course, is focused on addressing avoidable blindness in low and middle income settings. She remained as the Course Director till 2013 and has since taken on the role of E-learning Director for the Disability group at LSHTM, and is developing Open educational resources and Massive open Online courses (MOOCs) in eye care.
Daksha has a keen interest in health science education and public health. Since 2009, she has also been involved in developing training for Public health planning for Hearing Impairment, which is directed to addess and develop strategies for the prevention of hearing loss.
Daksha is involved in the Human resources development working group for the International agency for the prevention of blindness (IAPB).
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