Chris J. Mortensen




Dr. Chris J. Mortensen is an assistant professor at the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Florida.

Dr. Mortensen's laboratory conducts both applied and basic research on reproductive function in horses and other mammalian species. His primary areas of research have focused on the influence of exercise and stress on mare fertility, nutritive influences on mammalian reproduction, and is developing relationships with conservation groups to investigate reproductive function in endangered species. In addition to his research, Dr. Mortensen teaches courses in equine science, reproduction and the department's Senior Seminar course. He is working closely with faculty at the University of Florida on investigating the development of critical thinking and argumentation skills in undergraduate students in many of his courses.

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There are over 100 million horses, donkeys and mules in the world today and owners of these animals can be found on almost every continent and in almost every society. The Horse Course will cover many unique aspects of equine ownership and touch upon the science behind many of today’s management practices.

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