ChangDai Kim

Chang-Dai Kim, Ed.D is a professor of counseling at Seoul National University. He was the president of the Korean Counseling Association, which is one of the largest counseling professional organizations in Korea. He currently serves as an editor-in-chief of Asia Pacific Education Review(APER). He received his B.A and M.A in Education from Seoul National University and his M.Ed. & Ed.D in Counseling Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. He enjoys participating in marathons and swimming in his free time.

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Counseling Practice and Research (edX)

Jul 5th 2022
Counseling Practice and Research (edX)
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Learn about the stages and processes of counseling, counseling techniques, and interesting and up-to-date research methods. Counseling and Psychotherapy Studies seeks to understand and clarify our mind’s pains, sufferings, and illnesses, and to explore and practice various coping methods. In this “Counseling Practice and Research” course, you will experience [...]