Carolyn Lo

Carolyn Lo is a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk (IPUR) at the National University of Singapore. With a background in consumer psychology, her research areas focus on healthcare, risk perception, corporate transgressions, and consumer judgment and decision-making. Carolyn’s current projects include investigating the psychological beliefs of people with chronic diseases and developing interventions that enable improved health management and wellbeing.
Carolyn holds a PhD in Marketing from Monash University where she was the recipient of multiple awards including the Donald Cochrane Postgraduate Research Scholarship and the Monash Business School Dean’s Excellence Award.

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Understanding and Communicating Risk (edX)

Learn how individuals perceive and understand risks and master the tools to communicate risk information effectively to help people make better decisions in the face of risks. This course provides an introduction to how people perceive and understand risks in their everyday lives and how to communicate risk information [...]
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