Beth Prince-Bradbury

Associate Director for Institutional Research and Policy Studies at RIT, Beth is an Information Strategist with 20 years of experience in all things ‘Data’: Enterprise Management, Governance, Quality Assessment, Warehousing, Analysis and Dashboard Design. She has developed data quality programs, implemented data governance and managed data warehouses with enterprise BI platforms. She is the co-leader of the Enterprise Information Management initiative at RIT. Beth has an MBA in Competitive and Organizational Strategy from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester.

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Data Literacy Foundations (edX)

Take the first step to becoming a leader in data-driven decision-making. In Data Literacy Foundations, you will learn how critical thinking is an essential data literacy skill in today’s data-driven world. You’ll begin by considering how you use data every day, discussing the value of data and examining the [...]

Data Representation and Visualization in Tableau (edX)

Use Tableau to explore data and discover insights to innovate data-driven decision-making.Use Tableau to explore data and discover insights to innovate data-driven decision-making. Employer demand for Tableau skills will grow 35% over the next 10 years. Whether you are in a data-centric role or just need to add data [...]

Data Processing and Analysis with Excel (edX)

Learn to use Excel to organize and clean data so it can be manipulated and analyzed. In this course, you will learn how to organize your data within the Microsoft Office Excel software tool. Once organized, we will discuss data cleaning. You will learn how to identify outliers and [...]