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I came to academic life in my mid-twenties completing a part-time BA in Combined Humanities (History, Religion and Culture, and Media Studies) and then a PhD in the sociology of British Quakerism at the University of Brighton. I worked at the Centre for Quaker Studies at the University of Sunderland in the 1990s but also began work at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham in 1992. I was appointed Professor in Quaker Studies by the University of Birmingham in 2008.

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May 22nd 2017

Learn about the beginnings of this radical religious group as it emerged in 17th century England, with this free online course. When you think of the Quakers, it might bring to mind porridge oats, or pacifism, or perhaps prison reform. But there is much much more to the Quakers than any of these things. Through this course, we will be finding out about what lies at the heart of Quaker beginnings, who its main characters were, and how in a few weeks during the summer of 1652 the Quaker movement was formed in the north of England.

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