Anthony C. Robinson




Anthony Robinson is the lead faculty member for Postbaccalaureate Certificate and Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) degree programs at The Pennnsylvania State University. In this role he teaches and advises in the MGIS program and coordinates faculty and staff to handle student affairs to ensure the long term sustainability and strength of Penn State's online geospatial education portfolio. He also serves as Assistant Director for the GeoVISTA Center in the Department of Geography. His research focuses on the science of interface and interaction design for geovisualization and geovisual analytics tools. He has developed interface design and usability assessment methods for integrating geographic visualization tools with work in epidemiology, crisis management, and homeland security. Robinson’s recent research projects have focused on the design of map symbol standards, developing tools for collecting and adding meaning to geographic information, and eye-tracking to design new geovisualization techniques.

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