Anna-Karin Jönbrink

Anna Karin Jönbrink is the manager of Energy and Environment at Swerea IVF, and is responsible for Circular Economy within the Swerea group. She has a background as a product developer in industry. Her research is within the field of Ecodesign and Circular Economy. One of her main topics is how to increase the use of product and process development to improve sustainability in industry. She has been involved in several national and international projects. For example, she has managed one of the Ecodesign directive preparatory studies on behalf of the European Commission. She is regularly teaching Ecodesign and Circular Economy, both in industry and at Chalmers University, and has actively implemented Ecodesign in more than 75 companies.

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Engineering Design for a Circular Economy (edX)

Discover and develop sustainable design and engineering methods to improve the reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and recycling of products for a circular economy. Products and equipment all around us are made of materials: look around you and you will see phones, computers, cars, and buildings. We face challenges in securing [...]
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