Alejandra Mera

Alejandra is a Ph.D. candidate in Criminology from the University of Cambridge (England). She possesses a Master’s in criminal justice and Human Rights from the University of Queen's (Belfast, United Kingdom), and a B.A. in Legal and Social Sciences from the University of Chile. As an expert in criminology, she directs the Criminological Studies Group of the Universidad Diego Portales’ Law Faculty in Chile through a modality that incorporates students in research. She has also been a consultant for UNICEF where she conducted a study on the "Model of Restorative Justice for Youth in Conflict with the Criminal Law". She has been a consultant for the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) and since August 2018 has been the Director of the Law Degree at the Universidad Diego Portales in Chile.

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Leaders in Citizen Security and Justice Management for the Caribbean (edX)

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