Jul 19th 2016

Implementation of Data Structures (edX)

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Learn how to write correct and efficient data structures manipulation using existing standard template library (STL) of C++. Get introduced to the power of STL and make your code more solid, reusable, and robust. In this Computer Science course, you will learn about implementation of all major abstract data structures using object-oriented programming paradigm of C++.

This course builds on the basic concepts developed in ‘Foundations of Data Structures’ course.

Topics covered:

- Review of OO programming, STL of C++

- Stacks

- Queues

- Lists

- Trees

- Graphs

This course is part of the Fundamentals of Computer Science XSeries Program:

- Programming Basics

- Object-Oriented Programming

- Foundations of Data Structures

- Algorithms

What you'll learn:

- Complex data structures

- How to implement data structures using object-oriented paradigm

- How to map abstract data types to Standard Template Library of C++.