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With expertise in leadership, civil rights, and social justice unique in the world, Morehouse College is committed to helping the nation address inequities and use innovation to solve global challenges. Morehouse is the nation’s top producer of Black men who go on to receive doctorates, the top producer of Rhodes Scholars among HBCUs, and is among U.S. institutions which produced the most Fulbright Scholars in 2019-2020. Morehouse is the only historically Black college dedicated to educating men, with trailblazing alumni including Nobel laureate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Academy Award-winner Spike Lee, and U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock.

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Activism in Sports and Culture (Coursera)

Jan 24th 2022
Activism in Sports and Culture (Coursera)
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Sports have become an ever-present reflection of American culture, and an important symbol of the divisions and alliances in our society. Sports and political change walk hand in hand in America. The way that athletes and institutions deal with questions of race, economic hardship, nationalism, and political ties have [...]
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