Starting in Brisbane, Australia and with the support of the Queensland State Government and the local English Language teaching community, the MOOEC is an open online course focused on teaching the English language at all levels.
Lessons are organised into established levels of proficiency and approved by a committee of professional English language practitioners providing quality assurance oversight of the content.
The MOOEC is offered for free to the community to use and aims to position itself at the forefront of language education: providing mobile technology and immersive experiences to all. The MOOEC aims to reach individuals who currently have limited means to access high-quality, on-line English Language tuition.
The intention of the MOOEC is not to replace the need for face-to-face instruction, nor do we believe that to be a feasible goal. Nevertheless, we do aspire to a more blended pedagogic model in English language learning, whereby students can affiliate and undertake lessons with an English language centre prior and post face-to-face enrolment. Thus, through the MOOEC, when students physically arrive at an institution, they will have already formed a substantial learning profile via online interaction and their College will be able to build on that learning in the classroom environment. The MOOEC aims to facilitate this enhanced interaction between students and their Colleges. It is highly unlikely that any student with the means to study in the immersive English environment at a College in an English speaking country will choose to limit their studies to online learning. However, for individuals who do not have the means to make such an investment, who do not have the financial resources or the time to travel overseas: the MOOEC will provide real benefit.
The MOOEC is an initiative of International Education Services, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of international education.
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