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Home Networking Basics (Coursera)

In the first three courses of this specialization, you were focused on understanding how computer networks work and how to access the network. Now that you have a firm grasp of that, you can dive deeper into how do you actually build and secure a home network that includes [...]
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Data Communications and Network Services (Coursera)

Now that you know the basics of what an network is and how the devices on a network communicate with each other, it is time to explore the network further. In this course, you will learn the benefits and limitations of the IPv4 addressing system and why [...]
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Network Protocols and Architecture (Coursera)

Have ever wondered how devices on computer networks truly communicate? There are specific protocols or rules and standards that every device must follow to access the Internet and to communicate over a network. In this course, you will examine the principles of network communication, how networks [...]
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Internet Connection: How to Get Online? (Coursera)

This course is developed by the Cisco Networking Academy. Cisco Networking Academy is an IT skills and career building program that connects millions of students, educators, and employers worldwide. Cisco partners with learning institutions worldwide to deliver technical training and problem-solving experiences to individuals studying networking, security, and IoT [...]
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