CIRES, University of Colorado at Boulder

CIRES researchers explore all aspects of the earth system and search for ways to better understand how natural and human-made disturbances impact our dynamic planet. Our focus on innovation and collaboration has made us a world leader in interdisciplinary research and teaching. We’re committed to communicating our research in ways that help inform decision-makers and the public about how we can best ensure a sustainable future environment.
CIRES is . . .
- The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
- A joint institute of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Colorado at Boulder
- Engaged in earth system research that spans six major divisions
- Home to four research centers on the CU-Boulder campus
- Inspired and directed by a diverse Council of Fellows
- Committed to education and outreach at all levels
- Host to more than 250 visiting research scientists since 1967
- A research and learning environment like no other
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