Virus Transmission

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Transmitting and Fighting Infectious Diseases (Coursera)

Feb 19th 2024
Transmitting and Fighting Infectious Diseases (Coursera)
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Understanding how pathogens cause infections and how infectious diseases are transmitted is crucial for preventing and controlling the spread of illnesses. In this course, you will learn how diseases like the common flu spread, the mechanisms behind bacterial resistance, the body's defence mechanisms, and the importance of [...]

COVID-19 Contact Tracing For Nursing Professionals (Coursera)

Covid-19 Contact Tracing For Nursing Professionals was created for anyone who wants a certificate in Contact Tracing and especially for RN's who would like to obtain 10 CEU credits from The Texas Nurses Association. This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by the Texas Nurses Association, an accredited [...]

Animal Viruses: Their Transmission and the Diseases They Produce (FutureLearn)

Learn how important animal viruses are transmitted between animals and humans, and understand the diseases they produce. In this free online course, you will learn about animal viruses that affect pets, birds, sheep, cattle, swine and horses, and produce important diseases.