Tax Planning

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Rethinking International Tax Law (Coursera)

In recent years, the international tax planning strategies of multinationals have become a source of – often heated – debate. This course provides learners with the tools to become fully informed participants in the debate by explaining the foundations and practice of international tax law as well as addressing [...]

Economic Growth and Distributive Justice Part I -The Role of the State (Coursera)

If you really care about the big questions in the economies and societies of the 21st century, such as distributive justice - namely, inequality of income or wealth, and its correlation with economic growth - this course is meant for you. The knowledge you will gain can truly change [...]

Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (edX)

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Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (edX)
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Financial health and literacy are key elements of personal success and satisfaction. Begin the path today! The Introduction to Personal Financial Planning course is designed for individuals to build financial literacy, one of the most pressing needs Americans face today.