Steps in Japanese for Beginners 3 XSeries

What you will learn:
- Basic conversational skills
- Part1: We will learn the following expressions; feelings that occur when relationships such as junior/senior or romantic relationships get deeper, how to persuade when unpredicted things happen, and how to encourage or give advice.
- Part 2: We will learn the following expressions; how to greet formally in a part time job interview or at workspace, how to explain, how to deal with troubles, and how to express your opinion.
- Part 3: We will learn how to deal with troubles in company or problems in college life, and expression of presentation in academic scenes.
- Basic vocabulary and grammar needed for basic conversation skills.
- Japanese culture, through everyday expressions.

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Steps in Japanese for Beginners3 Part1 (edX)

Apr 15th 2021
Steps in Japanese for Beginners3 Part1 (edX)
Course Auditing
Learn manners and rules needed develop personal relationships with various people and expressions necessary for natural disasters. A younger student has entered Andy’s dormitory. Andy feels like he wants to help the new student by teaching him what he knows about life in Japan. Unfortunately, the new student does [...]
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