Renewable Energy Specialization

This specialization is for learners wanting a thorough understanding of renewable energy concepts, tools, and applications. This knowledge can be employed to advance in your current work, to move into the renewable energy field, and to promote sustainability at home and in your community. New technologies, new market structures, and new business models make renewable energy a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and exciting field. This specialization focuses on pragmatic and fact-based information, including real-world costs and technical performance, market trends, and web-based analysis tools. We use lectures, case studies, and interviews with industry leaders to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date education on renewable energy.
What You Will Learn:
- Understand and evaluate the operations and performance of renewable energy technologies.​
- Explain how renewable energy systems integrate with electricity grid operations and market structures.
- Explore how issues such as electric vehicles, hydrogen, and storage will influence renewable energy, and assess future pathways for renewables.
- You will understand the key physical characteristics of renewable energy and electricity

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