Portfolio Management Professional Certificate

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At the end of this program, you will need to sit for the Portfolio Management Professional Certificate Examination and score a minimum of 70% to receive the NYIF Mastery Certificate in Portfolio Management. Note: To be eligible to sit for the Portfolio Management Professional Certificate Examination, you MUST complete all 5 courses (listed above) and pass the final exam for each course with a minimum grade of 70%.Portfolio Management Professional Certificate helps students to develop core competencies in portfolio management. You will learn how to conduct portfolio performance measurement and attribution and review portfolio strategies for a variety of asset classes including fixed income, equity and alternatives
What you will learn
C01: Fixed Income Portfolio Management
C02: Equity Portfolio Management
CO3: Hedge Funds
CO4: Portfolio Management Theory and Practice (Part 1)
CO5: Portfolio Management Theory and Practice (Part 2)

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Fixed Income Portfolio Management (edX)

Learn how to construct and manage fixed income portfolios using the latest tools and techniques. Fixed Income Portfolio Management is a comprehensive survey of the key drivers and features of managing a portfolio of fixed income assets. This thorough and interactive course offers students like you, a detailed grounding [...]
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