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Fundamentals of Quantum Information (edX)

Learn how quantum information is represented mathematically via quantum circuits and how to manipulate quantum entanglement with these circuits. Take away the hardware, and all quantum computers work the same way, through the clever manipulation of quantum information and entanglement. This course provides a deeper understanding of some of [...]

Applied Quantum Computing III: Algorithm and Software (edX)

Mar 28th 2022
Applied Quantum Computing III: Algorithm and Software (edX)
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Learn domain-specific quantum algorithms and how to run them on present-day quantum hardware. This course is part III of the series of Quantum computing courses, which covers aspects from fundamentals to present-day hardware platforms to quantum software and programming. The goal of part III is to discuss some of [...]

Quantum Computer Systems Design III: Working with Noisy Systems (edX)

This course explores the basic design principles of today's quantum computer systems. In this course, students will learn to work with the IBM Qiskit software tools to write simple quantum programs and execute them on cloud-accessible quantum hardware.