Network Architecture

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Introduction to Networking and Storage (Coursera)

Oct 3rd 2022
Introduction to Networking and Storage (Coursera)
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Organizations need workers who can help others with network connectivity issues. When you're ready to enter the world of networking and Storage, you need job-ready skills. Accreditations, such as IBM Certificates and the CompTIA Network+ certification, attest to your skills, helping you gain a competitive advantage. This course enables [...]

Intel® Network Academy - Network Transformation 101 (Coursera)

Welcome to the Intel® Network Academy – a comprehensive training program on network transformation. In this program, we will be covering the topic areas of software defined infrastructure (SDI) network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN) and beyond.

4G Network Fundamentals (Coursera)

4G is the cutting-edge network technology that links millions of smartphones to the internet. But how does it actually work? Ideal for network engineers, sales engineers, application developers, and many other telecoms pros, this course will help you to understand the technology behind the apps and devices we use [...]

Quantum Networking (edX)

Learn about the science and engineering of future quantum networks whose security is guaranteed by laws of quantum physics. Applying exotic quantum properties such as entanglement to every-day applications such as communication and computation reveals new dimensions of such applications. Quantum encoding and entanglement distribution provide means to establish [...]

Redes de computadores (edX)

Aprende los fundamentos de las redes de computadores, incluyendo su arquitectura, protocolos y los aspectos a considerar para hacerlas seguras. Las redes de computadores, o renombradas hoy en día como Networks of Things , son esenciales para soportar los servicios de Internet que usamos a diario, dado que soportan [...]