MOS Capacitors

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Fundamentals of Semiconductor Characterization (Coursera)

Mar 4th 2024
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Characterization (Coursera)
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The goal of this course is to review the fundamentals of semiconductor materials, p-n junction diodes, and MOS capacitors. There are many semiconductor technologies based on different material systems, but the most important is complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, or CMOS for short. This course will focus on semiconductor materials and devices [...]

Basics of Field Effect Transistors and Technology Scaling (edX)

This online course uses engaging animations to help you visualize the operating principles of many common semiconductor devices. The course covers MOSFET, MOS capacitors, charge-coupled devices, CMOS Active Pixel Sensor, FinFET, nanowire transistors, gate-all-around MOSFET and 2D transistors.

Principle of Semiconductor Devices Part II: Field Effect Transistors and MOSFETs (edX)

An intuitive approach to operational principles of semiconductor devices. The course covers MOS capacitors, charge coupled devices, classical MOSFETs, transistor scaling, short channel MOSFET, and nano-CMOS transistors.