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Mar 7th 2016

This course will help you to address the global challenge of dementia. It has a strong focus on integrative collaborations and partnerships as a way to reduce barriers between services and to provide seamless care for people living with dementia. You will learn about communication and compassion, and how you can help the person living with dementia to maintain independence, control, and a good quality of life.

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Oct 12th 2015

Survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in many communities remain stubbornly low. One of the main barriers to improvement is lack of knowledge among EMS leaders about how to change the system of care. The Resuscitation Academy has demonstrated that its mix of didactic information and peer discussion groups leads to improved patient outcomes.

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Sep 28th 2015

Are you interested in a career in the allied health field? If you have ever wanted to know what a medical coder does on a daily basis or what it takes to be a practical nurse, then this course is for you! It explores a variety of careers within the dynamic health care industry with a focus on both the administrative and clinical sides of health care.

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