Managing Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform for Hybrid Cloud Specialization

In this specialization, you will learn the Apigee hybrid architecture, and develop an understanding of the Apigee hybrid terminology and organizational model. You will install Apigee hybrid, and implement scenarios to manage, scale, and monitor the software components that make up the hybrid platform. By completing this specialization, you will help accelerate customer time to value, minimize customer dependency on PSO and support for Apigee hybrid, and enable customers to scale up the platform as their API programs grow.
- Learn the Apigee hybrid architecture, terminology and organizational model. Learn how to install Apigee hybrid on Google Kubernetes Engine.
- Learn how to manage and scale Apigee hybrid runtime environments, the API proxy deployment process, and how hybrid data and services are secured.
- Learn how to upgrade and rollback the Apigee hybrid installation, and how to monitor and troubleshoot the hybrid runtime plane components.
- Develop a good understanding of Apigee hybrid architecture.

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Architecting and Installing the Apigee Hybrid API Platform (Coursera)

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