Korean for Beginners Specialization

South Korea is famous for its distinguished culture, continuous historical development, rapid economic growth and widespread popular culture, know as K-pop. More and more people choose to learn the Korean language every year due to a number of reasons.
Whether you are going to learn Korean for professional or academic purposes, or just interested in the modern Korean culture and want to learn the language of your favourite bands and TV-series — this specialisation was designed for all beginners that are interested in starting their learning journey.
The specialisation "Korean for Beginners" is based on the best practices and rich experience of language teaching in the Department of Korean Studies of St. Petersburg State University. The instructors will guide you through the intricacies of the Korean pronunciation and grammar, provide you with extensive vocabulary and explain the differences in the Korean speech styles.
Various exercises aimed at practicing the acquired skills will be offered to learners in every week of this specialisation. Two peer-reviewed assignments are waiting for learners in Course 3 and Course 4 in order to make them feel more confident when using the language and practice the material they have already learnt in order to achieve their communication goals.

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