International Law MicroMasters

What you will learn:
- Understand the legal rules at play in specific professional fields of international relations (diplomacy, humanitarian aid, NGOs...)
- Make sound legal arguments in order to enhance claims based on international law and interact with professional lawyers in an articulate way
- Decrypt international news from a legal perspective

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International Humanitarian Law (edX)

Learn how international law regulates armed conflicts, protects individuals in wartime, and guarantees minimum compliance. Armed conflicts have always existed all over the world. This course will help you understand these complex legal issues by teaching you the norms governing armed conflicts, also known as ‘International Humanitarian Law’ [...]

International Human Rights Law (edX)

Learn how an individual’s human rights are protected from both public and private power by international laws. Human rights are developed through the constant dialogue between international human rights bodies and domestic courts, in a search that crosses geographical, cultural and legal boundaries. The result is a unique human [...]

International Law (edX)

Learn about the Law of the International Community, including how International Law is created, applied and upheld in today's world. International law can be considered as the law of the international community, the law that governs relations between States. But it also relates to what international organizations do and, [...]

International Investment Law (edX)

Learn the features and dynamics of an important field of international law that grants rights to foreign investors to foster States’ development. Are you aware of the controversial situations facing States and foreign investors nowadays in relation to, for instance, the protection of public health and the environment? Do [...]