Integrated Emergency Management: Policy and Issues Program

Gain insight into emergency problems to set a foundation for professional practice in senior management positions.
Understand the key issues for strategic emergency managers and policymakers
This program explores growing challenges posed by disasters and emergencies, together with their heightened public profile and rising expectations for effective intervention.
You will assess the concepts and practice of integrated emergency management and interoperability, and examine policy-based approaches to emergency intervention.
By the end of this program, you should be able to apply political theories to emergencies and disasters to gain a better understanding of those events.

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Emergencies and Disasters: Trends and Issues (FutureLearn)

Jan 18th 2021
Emergencies and Disasters: Trends and Issues (FutureLearn)
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Understand the common characteristics of emergencies and disasters, and explore the challenges they create. Evaluate the trends and issues of emergencies and disasters. Emergencies and disasters are usually viewed as one-off events without consideration of similar events that have previously occurred. By investigating the common elements of these events, [...]
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