IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner Professional Certificate

This Professional Certificate is intended to provide the foundational skills required to launch a career in the enterprise platform that powers over 68% of worldwide transactions. Companies around the world are searching for these skills to run their critical system workloads. In this series of courses, the learner will be introduced to various operating systems, mainframe applications, and get real-time hands-on experience on an IBM Z server. The skills acquired on completion of this Professional Certificate allows the learner to pursue a career as a mainframe application developer, system programmer, system administrator, or a DBA Practitioner.
There are three courses in this specialisation, please be sure to complete all three in order to maximise your time and effort.
Course 1: Introduction to Enterprise Computing
Course 2 : Getting Started on Mainframe with z/OS Commands and Panels
Course 3 : Basic System Programming on IBM Z
- Identify the different architectural families, explain the enhancements for each architecture family and the functions of an operating system
- Explain the concept of a Sysplex and describe methods available for z/OS security.
- Define the IOCP statements for the IOCDS and explain the concept of activation profiles.
- Describe the process of IPLing an operating system

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Getting Started on Mainframe with z/OS Commands and Panels (Coursera)

Getting Started with the IBM Mainframe with z/OS Commands and Panels is a mostly hands-on in an IBM Mainframe z/OS Environment. A total of seven labs will provide live access to an IBM Z server. The labs are designed to teach you the fundamental practical skills to navigate and [...]

Introduction to Enterprise Computing (Coursera)

Large Scale Enterprise Computing powers all major transactions, and the Mainframe is responsible for 87% of all credit card transactions and enables 71% of all Fortune 500 companies. Mainframes are fundamental on how we do business, and IBM Z is the only production mainframe sold today. Virtually everyone depends [...]

Basic System Programming on IBM Z (Coursera)

The foundational knowledge for the position of an IBM z/OS System Programmer and System Administrator begins with this third and final course in the three course professional certificate track. This course provides hands-on labs to everyday z/OS tasks with JCL, JES, ISHELL and HFS, and z/OSMF. Topics covered include [...]