Finance Fundamentals Program

Develop your understanding of financial planning, budgeting, borrowing and investments with this flexible program of online courses from The Open University Business School.
Being able to budget and plan financially, and weigh up the risks and rewards associated with borrowing and investment options are valuable skills in both your personal life and career.
With the Finance Fundamentals program from The Open University Business School, you can develop these skills, helping you get your own finances in shape and understand financial management principles that you can use at work.
Accessible for free on desktop, tablet or mobile and delivered in bite-sized chunks, the four online courses in this program provide a flexible way to support and demonstrate your professional and personal development (CPD).
When you complete all four courses and buy a Certificate of Achievement for each, you will earn a FutureLearn Award as proof of completing the program of study.

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Finance Fundamentals: Financial Planning and Budgeting (FutureLearn)

With household budgets feeling the pinch this course shows how to bring order to your finances and make good financial decisions. This online courses explore how current economic conditions impact household finances, before showing you how to manage yours more effectively.
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