Design of Experiments Specialization

Learn modern experimental strategy, including factorial and fractional factorial experimental designs, designs for screening many factors, designs for optimization experiments, and designs for complex experiments such as those with hard-to-change factors and unusual responses. There is thorough coverage of modern data analysis techniques for experimental design, including software. Applications include electronics and semiconductors, automotive and aerospace, chemical and process industries, pharmaceutical and bio-pharm, medical devices, and many others.
- Plan, design and conduct experiments efficiently and effectively, and analyze the resulting data to obtain valid objective conclusions.
- Use response surface methods for system optimization as a follow-up to successful screening.
- Use experimental design tools for computer experiments, both deterministic and stochastic computer models.
- Use software tools to create custom designs based on optimal design methodology for situations where standard designs are not easily applicable.

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Random Models, Nested and Split-plot Designs (Coursera)

Many experiments involve factors whose levels are chosen at random. A well-know situation is the study of measurement systems to determine their capability. This course presents the design and analysis of these types of experiments, including modern methods for estimating the components of variability in these systems. The [...]

Factorial and Fractional Factorial Designs (Coursera)

Many experiments in engineering, science and business involve several factors. This course is an introduction to these types of multifactor experiments. The appropriate experimental strategy for these situations is based on the factorial design, a type of experiment where factors are varied together. This course focuses [...]

Experimental Design Basics (Coursera)

This is a basic course in designing experiments and analyzing the resulting data. The course objective is to learn how to plan, design and conduct experiments efficiently and effectively, and analyze the resulting data to obtain objective conclusions. Both design and statistical analysis issues are discussed. Opportunities to use [...]

Response Surfaces, Mixtures, and Model Building (Coursera)

Factorial experiments are often used in factor screening.; that is, identify the subset of factors in a process or system that are of primary important to the response. Once the set of important factors are identified interest then usually turns to optimization; that is, what levels of the important [...]