Cryptography Program

Develop a thorough understanding of the concepts and theory of cryptography.
Discover the ways cryptography secures communications and how attackers try to break it
You will have the chance to discover how cryptography has secured communications throughout history and how cryptanalysis has driven the development of ever more secure ciphers. The underlying mathematics will be illustrated along the way.
Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography will be investigated before moving on to modern cryptosystems underlying much of modern-day life on-line. As part of this program you will also explore the future of cryptography.

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An Introduction to Cryptography (FutureLearn)

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An Introduction to Cryptography (FutureLearn)
Free Course
Explore how code breakers and spies influenced cryptography and investigate the role it plays in modern secure communication. Investigate the security of encrypted data. Is it possible to prove the security of encrypted data? Will every algorithm fail given sufficient time or computing power? On this course you will [...]
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