Creative Thinking Tools for Success and Leadership Specialization

Master Creative Thinking: Techniques & Tools. Unlock your potential: Learn advanced creative thinking strategies and techniques
This Creative Thinking specialisation consists of three courses, designed to enhance learners' creativity skills by employing diverse brainstorming techniques, systematic creativity tools, and advanced creative thinking strategies. Throughout the specialisation, participants will gain expertise in using approaches such as the creativity diamond framework, biomimicry, analogy, metaphor, and AI-enabled platforms in order to generate innovative ideas and effectively address challenges or opportunities in their projects or activities.

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Systematic Creative Thinking: Tools for Success (Coursera)

Creativity is a widely acclaimed attribute. A range of creativity tools are available that rely on creativity principles to enable systematic idea generation. This module builds on the first module where various types of brainstorming were introduced along with the creativity diamond framework which provides a guide to which [...]

Advanced Creative Thinking and AI: Tools for Success (Coursera)

Creativity is important in nearly every facet of life. Advances in neuro-science, computing and psychology, along with developments in other domains and cross-disciplinary areas have resulted in ever increasing understanding of creativity.

Introduction to Creative Thinking: Tools for Success (Coursera)

Creativity concerns the development of new ideas. Throughout human history, the application of ideas has led to transformations of our daily lives and society. Modern business activity thrives on recently developed ideas, and it is through creativity that we address both challenges and opportunities. In this module, we will [...]