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Financial accounting and capital markets (edX)

Self Paced
Financial accounting and capital markets (edX)
Course Auditing
An organisation’s sustainable cash flows and its accounting profits (or losses) are both supremely important, but they can be very different. Explore the differences between debt and share capital, fact and judgement in financial reporting and financial markets, and understand and apply terms such as capitalisation, depreciation, amortisation and [...]

Mercados de capital y participantes claves (edX)

Aprenda sobre mercados financieros globales, incluido la estructura y los tipos de los mercados de capital, y cómo identificar a los participantes claves y su impacto en el mercado. Este curso explora la interacción económica entre intermediarios financieros (financiamiento indirecto) y mercados (financiamiento directo) en la asignación de capital [...]