Blockchain Essentials Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- What blockchain technology and distributed ledger systems are and how they can be implemented in a business environment.
- Important concepts for applying blockchain technology in the real world and key use cases of blockchain for business today.
- How assets can be transferred in a blockchain network.
- The role of Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project, which includes a variety of enterprise-ready permissioned blockchain platforms, in accelerating blockchain utilization for various industries.
- Use cases and applications of blockchain technology in modern finance and other areas.

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Introduction to Blockchain (edX)

Self Paced
Introduction to Blockchain (edX)
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Discover why blockchain is such a disruptive force across business, government and society. Blockchain technology sparked the creation of Bitcoin, a decentralized digital payment system, as well as other popular cryptocurrency systems. Today industry leaders and experts are picturing radical new ways of using blockchain technology to form connections [...]