The Australian Experience Program

This program, HIST1051, introduces Australian history from pre-1788 to the present day.
This program provides an introduction to Australian history. It treats the development of Australian society to the present through the lenses of Aboriginal deep time history; convicts and colonialism; war and conflict; migration and multiculturalism; landscape and the environment; and the development of democratic institutions. The course looks to Australian history to contextualise issues in contemporary Australia and introduces the skills and approaches employed in the study of the Australian past.

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Great South Land: Introducing Australian history (FutureLearn)

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Great South Land: Introducing Australian history (FutureLearn)
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Get an introduction to Australian history starting with Aboriginal deep time. Explore convictism, colonialism and more. Travel back in time to discover Australian history. On this course you will take a journey through Australian history. You will examine a range of periods and topics including Aboriginal deep time history, [...]