Asylum Seeking

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Why Do People Migrate? Facts (FutureLearn)

Apr 25th 2022
Why Do People Migrate? Facts (FutureLearn)
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Get an introduction to one of the most misunderstood issues in the modern world: migration. Migration often makes headlines; it’s become a key issue of politicians worldwide. But what is the reality of migration? This course will introduce you to key challenges of irregular migration and asylum seeking worldwide. [...]

Why Do People Migrate? Part 2: Theories (iversity)

Why do people move? Which factors influence migrants' decisions? Which theories can explain migration? If you want to find the answers and learn how theories can explain real life cases: Enrol now!

Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts (iversity)

What is Irregular Migration? How is it different from Asylum Seeking? If you want to get the basic tools and terminology as well as learn more about what happens at the global level through case studies and expert interviews: Enrol now!