Vedrana Andersen Dahl

Vedrana Andersen Dahl is an associate professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark. She holds degrees in mathematics, multimedia technology, and a Ph.D. degree in geometry processing. Her research interests revolve around geometric models for analysis of volumetric data. This includes volumetric segmentation, tomographic segmentation and methods based on deformable meshes. She developed image analysis tools with application in material science, industrial inspection and biomedicine. Her other research interest involve 2D and 3D texture analysis and 3D methods for digitizing cultural heritage.

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Introduction to advanced tomography (Coursera)

Jan 24th 2022
Introduction to advanced tomography (Coursera)
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In this course you get the chance to get teaching and hands-on experience with the complete workflow of high-resolution tomography analysis. You will get introduced to data acquisition, 3D reconstruction, segmentation and meshing and, finally, 3D modelling of data to extract physical parameters describing mechanical and flow properties. The [...]
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