Thomas Sikor




I have worked on resource rights, governance, and institutions with an empirical focus on forestry, agriculture and land use over the past 20 years. I approach these issues from a grounded political ecology perspective, with a particular interest in the practices and processes constituting property, authority and value.

On the basis of my research, I have engaged with governmental and non-governmental organizations on sustainable resource governance. I have assisted national and provincial forest departments in Vietnam on forest devolution and identified key lessons on community forestry and forest rights in strategic partnership with RECOFTC – The Centre for People and Forests. Most recently, I have advised the UN-REDD Programme on the development of an effective and socially just benefit distribution system for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+).

These days I get most excited about issues of environmental (in)justice in theory and practice. Together with colleagues at DEV and other institutions (both academic and practice-oriented), we explore the linkages between social justice and environmental change, with a particular focus on the global dimensions of (in)justice. We study existing injustices in different areas of contemporary environmental management and are actively involved in envisioning new forms of environmental governance and social mobilization that enhance disadvantaged people's access to natural resources, participation in decision-making and social recognition.

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Understand how environmental change affects people, and how we can work together for justice in environmental management.

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