Steve Singh




Steve Singh is head of the SAP Business Network Group, CEO of Concur, an SAP company, and a member of the Global Managing Board of SAP SE. He has served as CEO of Concur since 1996 and was named to the Global Managing Board of SAP SE in January 2015.

In December 2014 Concur was acquired by SAP, extending the SAP business network with leading cloud-based solutions for innovative and effortless T&E management. Under Steve’s leadership, Concur has become the leader of the multi-billion-dollar market for travel and expense (T&E) management solutions. Steve and Concur have garnered a wide range of recognition, both within the corporate travel industry and throughout the broader technology community.

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Oct 20th 2015

New business networks are changing the game for businesses and consumers in the digital economy. To keep up with the demands and expectations of consumers and business buyers, companies must connect, interact, and integrate on previously unknown and unexpected levels. SAP’s business network group addresses precisely that demand, using cloud-based solutions that deliver connectivity, efficiency, affordability, and a great user experience on any device, any time.

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