Steve Martinelli

I’m a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) at IBM, where I’m focused on delivering developer advocacy content. Prior to my current role I worked on upstream OpenStack features; internal tools for generating compatibility reports across all IBM products; and developing WebSphere Application Server’s configuration tools. Aside from whipping up features and fixing bugs I tend to find myself in leadership roles whereby my knack for organization can be used for good.

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Conceptos Básicos de IBM Cloud (Coursera)

Este curso te presenta IBM Cloud. Aprenderás acerca de las muchas ofertas y servicios de IBM Cloud que la convierten en la nube pública más abierta y segura para desarrolladores y empresas. El curso comienza con una introducción a la plataforma de IBM Cloud que cubre temas como la [...]
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IBM Cloud Essentials (Coursera)

Jan 17th 2022
IBM Cloud Essentials (Coursera)
Course Auditing
This course introduces you to the IBM Cloud. You will learn about the many offerings and services on IBM Cloud that make it the most open and secure public cloud for developers and enterprises. The course begins with an introduction to the IBM Cloud platform which covers topics [...]
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