Stefaan Pommé

Stefaan is currently employed as a scientist by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, in Geel, Belgium. His main field of expertise is radionuclide metrology, in particular with respect to primary standardisation of activity, precise measurement of nuclear decay data and uncertainty evaluation.

His scientific work has been published in about 130 papers in scientific journals and tens of conference proceedings and technical reports. The subjects of his research comprise experimental nuclear physics at accelerators and reactors, activity standardisation techniques and their uncertainty budgets, half-life and decay data measurements, modelling and data analysis issues, gamma-ray and alpha-particle spectrometry, developments in neutron activation analysis, statistical aspects of nuclear counting, dead time and pulse pileup, general activation-decay laws, nuclear chronometry, the dynamics of nuclear fission, ternary fission, radiation protection, and environmental radioactivity.
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