Sindhu Gangadharan




Sindhu Gangadharan is vice president and heads up Product Management for three strategic integration products at SAP namely: SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integration service, SAP Financial Services Network, and SAP Process Integration.

Sindhu has been working in the integration space for the last 16 years, and is well known in the SAP ecosystem. She is a regular speaker at key technical events across the world, and is seen as a thought leader in the integration space. At SAP, Sindhu works with a team of product owners to help drive the cloud integration strategy and define the product roadmaps.

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Jul 19th 2016

In this course, we address one of the most important considerations when it comes to companies moving to the cloud: integration. Imagine a customer orders an article on the Internet. Clicking the “Buy article” button triggers a lot of processes, and data is exchanged between different software systems so that the article is shipped, the seller’s catalog of goods is updated, and the correct amount is invoiced. If you want to implement such an application for your enterprise, you face the challenge of cross-linking a large number of different software systems and data sources. You also need to consider that the systems typically “speak” different connection protocols and store their data in different formats. SAP HANA Cloud Integration helps you to solve this challenge.

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